Policy Briefs/Reports

Maung Thein Shwe, Jessica Field & Natalie Brinham. ‘Failure to Protect: The denial of status, detention and refoulement of Rohingya refugees in India‘, Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, Briefing Paper. (August 2021). (Available here).

Tiwari A.D., Field, J. et al. ‘Locked in, Locked out: The impact of digital identity systems on Rohingya populations’, Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, Briefing Paper. (November 2020). (Available here).

Tiwari A.D. and Field, J. ‘Biometric recording of “illegal migrant” refugee identity: The road towards discrimination’, Submission on Race, Borders and Digital Technologies. To inform the Special Rapporteur’s 2020 report to the United Nations General Assembly. (May, 2020). (Available here).

Tiwari, A.D. and Field, J. ‘Shifting exclusivity of AADHAAR: Lines drawn in the sand between refugee and “illegal migrant”’, Submission for the People’s Tribunal on AADHAR-related issues, Rethink AADHAAR, Delhi, (Feb, 2020).

UCL, University of Jammu, and O.P. Jindal Global University. (Sept 2019) ‘Increasing Resilience to Environmental Hazards in Border Conflict Zones: Community Action Agenda, Turktuk’, IRDR UCL.

Field, J., Hemadri, R., Tiwari, A. D., Singh, P. and Rastogi, T., ‘Bureaucratic failings in the National Register of Citizens process have worsened life for the vulnerable in Assam’, Center for Human Rights Studies, O.P. Jindal Global University and the Development & Justice Initiative. April 2019. (Available here).

UNHCR India and O.P. Jindal Global University, ‘Humanitarian’s Guide to Effectively Communicating with the Media’, UNHCR India, (August 2018).

Tiwari, A., Field, J., and Mookherjee, Y. (2017) ‘Urban refugees in Delhi: Refugee networks, faith and well-being’, IIED Urban Humanitarian Crises Working Paper Series.

Field, J., Tiwari, A., and Mookherjee, Y., (2017) ‘Urban refugees in Delhi: Identity, entitlements and self-reliance’, IIED Urban Humanitarian Crisis Working Paper Series

Fiori, J. Rigon, A., Carpi, E., Dicker, S., Field, J., Mookherjee, Y., Tiwari, A., Espada, F., Boano, C. and Johnson, C. (Nov. 2017) ‘Refugee self-reliance in urban markets – Halba, Delhi, and Thessaloniki’Humanitarian Affairs Team, Save the Children UK.

Field, J. Tiwari, A. and Mookherjee, Y. (Oct. 2017) ‘What are important aspects of refugee self-reliance beyond the economic?’, University of Oxford, RSC Research in Brief, 7. 

Field, J., Tiwari, A., and Mookherjee, Y., (July 2017) ‘Urban Refugees in Delhi: Self-reliance can’t be exclusively entrepreneurial’, International Institute for Environment & Development, Policy Brief Series: Urban Crisis Learning Fund.

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