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I’ve linked publications on this page where possible, but many are unfortunately behind a paywall. I am more than happy to send you them directly via email (Jessica.field (at) or you can access most of them on my site if you have an account:


Field, J. and Burra, S. (eds.), The Global Compact on Refugees: Indian Perspectives and Experiences, (Delhi: UNHCR India & Academicians’ Working Group, 2020). Available here.

Fiori, J., Espada, F., Field, J., and Dicker, S. The Echo Chamber: Results, Management and the Humanitarian Effectiveness Agenda, (London: Save the Children UK, 2016). Available here.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters


Field, J., Dolma, T., & Johar, A., (2022), ‘Between host and home: cultural and activist lives of refugees in India’, in Rajan, I. (ed), Routledge Handbook on Refugees in India, (Routledge).

Field, J., Pandit, A., & Rajdev, M. ‘Coping practices and gender relations: Rohingya refugee forced migrations from Myanmar to India’, Gender, Place & Culture, (2021) DOI: 10.1080/0966369X.2021.1997938

Field, J. and Johar, A. ‘Perspectives on “giving back”: A conversation between researcher and refugee’. In R. Mac Ginty, R. Brett and B. Vogel (eds.), The Companion to Peace and Conflict Fieldwork, Palgrave Macmillan (2021). Available here.

Carpi, E., Field, J., Dicker, S., and Rigon, A. (2020) ‘From livelihoods to leisure and back: refugee ‘self-reliance’ as collective practices in Lebanon, India and Greece’, Third World Quarterly, 42:2, 421-440. Available here.

Field, J. ‘Indian Civil Society and the Global Compact on Refugees’. In J. Field & S. Burra (eds.). The Global Compact on Refugees: Indian Perspectives and Experiences. UNHCR India & AWG (2020). Available here.

Field, J., Tiwari, A., and Mookherjee, Y. (2019)‘Self-reliance as a concept and a spatial practice for urban refugees: Reflections from Delhi, India’, Journal of Refugee Studies, 33, 1, pp. 167–188. Available here.

Disasters and Crisis Governance

Field, J. (2020),‘Caught between paper plans and Kashmir politics: disaster governance in Ladakh, India’, Politics & Governance, 82, 102226. ISSN 2183-2463. Available here.

Vogel, B. and Field, J. (2020), ‘(Re)constructing borders through the governance of tourism and trade in Ladakh, India’, Political Geography, 82. Available here.

Field, J. (2018) ‘Divided Disasters: Examining the impacts of the conflict-disaster nexus for distanced crises in the Philippines’, Disasters, 42, S2, pp. 265-286. Available here.

Field, J., and Kelman, I., (2018) ‘The Impact on Disaster Governance of the Intersection of Environmental Hazards, Border Conflict and Disaster Responses in Ladakh, India’, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 31, pp. 650-658. Available here.

Kelman, I., Field, J., Suri, K., and Bhat, G.M. (2018) ‘Disaster Diplomacy for Jammu and Kashmir’, Intl. Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 31, pp. 1132-1140. Available here.

Field, J. (2017) ‘What is appropriate and relevant assistance after a disaster? Accounting for culture(s) in the response to Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda’, Intl. Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 22, pp. 335-344. Available here.

Humanitarian History

Field, J. (2020) ‘Serving “the Cause”: Cecil Jackson-Cole and the professionalisation of charity in post-War Britain’, Historical Research, Volume 93, Issue 260, May 2020, Pages 379–397. Available here.

Field, J., (2015) ‘Consumption in lieu of Membership: Reconfiguring Popular Charitable Action in Post-World War II Britain’, Voluntas: Int’l Journal of Voluntary & Non-Profit Orgs, 27(2), pp. 979-997. Available here.

Field, J. (2012) ‘United Nations Headquarters, New York: The Cultural-Political Economy of Space and Iconicity’, Journal of History and Cultures, 1, pp. 19-36.

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